Ingersoll CNC Hydrostatic Rotary Table & Slide

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Product Description

Product: Ingersoll CNC Hydrostatic Rotary Table & Slide
Stock #: 10277
Serial No.:
Year: 1982


Table Size3.0 M x 4.5 M, 120” x 180”
Table Height 1,500 mm, 60”
Table Capacity (Hydrostatic)100 Tons
Track Diameter 2130 mm, 84”
Ring Gear Size2,456 mm, 96”
Gear Rating10,000 KgM, 900,000 Lb In
Table Speed.00075 to 1.5 RPM
Accuracy+/- 10 Arc Seconds
W Axis Travel3,000 mm, 118”
W Axis Traverse Rate5,000 mm/min, 200 IPM
W Axis Feed Rate2.5 – 1.25 mm/min, .1 – 50 IPM

Equipped With:

Full Contouring CNC B Axis
Full CNC W Axis Slide (Hydrostatic)
Twin Pinion Drive
NOTE:  Excludes servos, drives, and scales which will need to
be purchased at additional cost and matched to your machine.